Taxpayer Liaison Officer  ( TLO )

If you have concerns or need additional information on the Appraisal District or taxing unit operations, you may visit the appraisal office or file a written inquiry with the District’s Taxpayer Liaison Officer (TLO).  The TLO is appointed by the Board of Directors and acts as an intermediary between the property owner and the Board in accordance with the Texas Property Tax Code (Sec. 6.052).   

The TLO will help in resolving issues or formal complaints regarding the Board of Directors, the Appraisal Review Board, the district, or any employees.  They can provide information on assisting the taxpayers.   

The Mitchell County TLO is not a full time employee but by emailing, calling, or written request the TLO will respond to inquiries or complaints.

The current TLO is Linda McSpadden

Contact information:

Phone:  325-728-5028


Address:  2112 Hickory St

                  Colorado City, TX  79512